UPS – London Olympics — Removed Sign On Bus
Robitussin – Box, Cloud shot
YMCA – zoe, Poster Comp
Ad Council – Horn of Africa /FWD campaign
Vicks – Runner Composite
Maserati – Bridge scene recreation
Verizon Hum – Drivers License, Phone screen comps
Nascar – 2016 Chase, Scene cleanup
Exxon, Mobile 1 – Car key/roto, wheel animation
Zebra – zebra stripes comps
Nascar – 2016 Chase, screen comps, Shark fin
3 Musketeers – Roto, replace background

Inserted poster into shot. Removed other elements on the wall.

Animation and compositing of zebra stripes, titles and end tag.Edited by Adam Liebowitz. http://zebra.com