Here are some old recordings, freshly uploaded.
At this time i was working quite a bit with the blimp radio network / wpbr 89.3fm at the lab in chicago. Video Mixing for biweekly live webcasts.

21 June 2000, Deadtech, Chicago

KK Null and Christian Matts
also Ernst Long and Robb Drinkwater

KK Null and Christian Matts collaborate to perform a minisonic
and video duet titled “COSMO-ANATOMY.” Ernst Long and Robb Drinkwater perform Computer and Analogue Electronics.

KK Null christened Deadtech last May and now he’s back performing a duet with amazing video artist Christian Matts of Blimp Radio fame! Ernst and Robb kick off the evening with some great electronics.

**KK Null’s was not able to make it to the show so i did a a/v set with his audio on the tapes of the footage i was going to mix to his performance.

Live mix using vhs sources (about 20-40 tapes), with my old skool rig circa 99/2000 — 4 vhs + punch boxes + panasonic mx10 (2 inputs, $200 ebay) + 2 tube preview monitors.

This is a recording made at Shubas, Chicago IL (2002? ish).
Live video mix using mostly VDMX, Audio is live performance.

Live a/v mix from vhs sources, audio loops played from laptop, mixed with a panasonic mx20 video mixer.

Dj + Vj set recording at Hothouse, Chicago IL 2001/2(ish?).
Features cmatts audio/video mix.
S.Collins audio mix.
E.Boscor audio.